Are you planning a trip to Venice to admire its wonderful beauties but at the same time you would like to live an original experience? Discover the Venice lagoon becoming a fisherman for a day! Not sure about this? Read on to learn more.

What does the tour involve?

First of all, we must specify that to organize this particular visit to the Venice lagoon it is necessary that there are at least 2 and no more than 10 participants.

The tour is significant as it allows you to experience Venice like the locals, with a real Venetian fisherman next to you who will explain how fishing has been one of the main resources for the local population over the years and will give you tips on the main fishing techniques that have been used since ancient times.

This excursion will make you visit, on board a characteristic Venetian fishing boat, the lagoon city and will allow you to admire splendid views of the various islands and some of the most beautiful places in Venice, making you feel like a local. During the tour, the captain will tell you the anecdotes about the life of the Venetians involved in this activity and will show you some of the fishing techniques still in use today.

The boat will pass by some of the most famous places in Venice and when the fisherman finds the right spot he’ll start fishing to try to catch some of the finest local fish. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to live a truly unique experience outside of traditional schemes.

When is it possible to participate?

The excursion is available during the weekend, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is divided into two rounds, one at 10am and the other at 6pm. The tour is commented in Italian and English and is not to be considered private but shared with other guests.

Now that you’ve finished reading it’s time to grab the oars, ready for this adventure? Find out more details and book your visit now


We hope that you’ll follow our advice and that you’ll give yourself a day to discover the Venice Lagoon and the secrets of old fisherman, if you are looking for new experiences in Venice and surroundings continue to read our articles!