Summer is ending but the fun can continue! If now the sea and the umbrellas seem a nice memory, prepare yourself to experience the autumn enjoying the mountain, sport and good food.

Do you have any ideas? We give you some suggestions to live an experience in Cortina, read on to know all the events not to be missed in September 2019.

Cortina, the Cooperative Festival “Scoop”

Let’s start with the first event which will take place on September 14th in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Scoop is a festival for adults and children, in fact in the programme you can find trips in the woods and educational workshops, but also wine tastings and moments dedicated to relaxation and detox. A real full immersion in the flavors and activities of local food and wine. At the end of the day the famous Lella Costa will play “Questioni di Cuore” at the Eden cinema.

Cortina and its “Astrocene”

Until September 26th, don’t miss the “Astrocene” at Col Drusciè, seven events organized by Tofana – Freccia nel Cielo to dine at high altitude under the starry mantle of the Col Drusciè restaurant. After the dinner a visit to the “Helmut Ullrich” observatory will follow, where the Cortina Astronomical Association will provide its equipment to allow those present to travel through the firmament, discovering the constellations visible only in summer, but also the Moon, Jupiter, the nebulae and the various clusters that inhabit the celestial vault.

Cortina, Delicious Festival Dolomiti

On the 20th of September the Cortina Delicious team will inaugurate a series of events at the Pala Delicious of Pocol. An aperitif and a pasta party will be just a taste of the event that includes:

  • the fourth edition of the Delicious Trail Dolomiti and the Short Trail Dolomiti;
  • the fourth edition of the Mini Delicious Trail 
  • third edition of the Mini Climbing Dolomiti; the third edition of Delicious Climbing Dolomiti;
  • the third edition of the Amici del Delicious Festival event with the most passionate restaurateurs of Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Cortina, all the events not to be missed: autumn party at the Scoiattoli Refuge

At the end of September the woods and the views of the Dolomites take on the warm colors of autumn, a show not to be missed! The Autumn Festival at Rifugio Scoiattoli on 29 September is an opportunity to enjoy the show. For the occasion it will be possible to try the open air bathtub in front of a fantastic panorama. A romantic and unusual situation!

Cortina, all the events not to be missed: how to get there

Now that you’ve convinced yourself to pack your bags and leave to discover these rich events there’s just one detail missing, how to get to Cortina? if you leave from Venice we have the solution at hand. Visit this site, the shuttle bus service will allow you to reach Cortina comfortably in just two and a half hours.

The Venice Box journey doesn’t end here, it continues to discover the beauties of Venice and its surroundings.