Cavallino Treporti during winter time

If you are planning a winter holiday in the heart of nature or a few days away from the city, Cavallino Treporti could be the ideal choice.

In the Venetian lagoon, located between Lio Piccolo, Punta Sabbioni and the Sile river, this destination owes its beauty to the combination of natural, cultural, food and wine wonders.

Cavallino Treporti

This enchanting lagoon town is connected to the continent by the Jesolo bridge and getting to it is already a unique journey, due to the presence of dunes, sandy beaches, embankments and salt marshes.

It is the first European outdoor tourism destination and the second in Italy, for lovers of the sea in summer. However, during the low season, Cavallino deserves a visit amid the silence and quiet that make it even more fascinating.

The scenery that opens up between Lio Piccolo, Punta Sabbioni and the Sile river in winter is enchanting and slow: that is why in this period Cavallino Treporti becomes an ace in the sleeve for cycling enthusiasts.

Cycling routes in Cavallino Treporti The cantilevered coastline

The cantilevered cycle and pedestrian path overlooks the water with a panoramic walkway with a balcony and woody beams, offering an experience of 5 km akin to a cruise, running alongside the Pordelio Canal and crossing the verdant northern lagoon.

Cross the hamlets of Cavallino Treporti, Ca’ Ballarin, Ca’ Savio, Punta Sabbioni, the Lungomare San Felice and finally, via Pordelio, in Cavallino. It is the stretch known for sandy beaches and modern campsites, crossing villages, natural coastlines, lagoon landscapes and large gardens.

The Three Waters park road

The park road of the Three Waters crosses the Venetian Coast and the Cavallino Basins, starting from Piazza Santa Maria Elisabetta. The itinerary leads to the vantage point in front of the ancient island of Falconera and is suitable for covering the most important stages of the coast’s history.

From the shore of the Casson Canal and up to the basins, you can admire river landscapes, lagoons and orchards familiar to Venetians since very ancient times; in addition you will cross the stretch of coast particularly affected by the recent summer tourist development. You will reach the mouth of the river Sile, passing along the Conche della Litoranea Veneta, the ancient inland waterway.

The fortifications route

The route of the military fortifications of the Litorale di Cavallino Treporti starts at Ca’ Savio and continues along Punta Sabbioni, Ca’ Vio, Ca’ Pasquali, then back to Ca’ Savio. It allows you to discover the many fortifications that are present on the coast, which date back to both the Austrian period and that of the two great wars. Cultivated gardens are everywhere to be seen. Many fortresses are now abandoned, while others are used as warehouses or have been converted into private homes or accommodation facilities.

The journey from the sea to the ancient coasts

Starting from Punta Sabbioni towards Lio Piccolo, you can make the journey from the sea to the ancient coasts.

The route starts from the Punta Sabbioni Lighthouse and continues towards Treporti, Saccagnana, Mesole, Lio Piccolo and finally, the Valleys of Venice’s North Lagoon. During the ride you will cross various environments, all characterised by the presence of water: the forest and the dunes creep between the lagoon and the sea, between the lagoon valleys and the canals. In the pretty villages you can take the opportunity to stop and taste the local food and wine specialties, characterised above all by excellent wines and locally grown vegetables.

Do you know the dedicated ATVO line? It is called Litoranea Bike and it is very useful to know and experience the coast in a new way!