Until September 30th at the Bibione Municipal Delegation it is possible to attend a show that combines high technology and art. The undisputed protagonist of this experience? the greatest neoclassical sculptor of Italy, Antonio Canova, born in Possagno, in Veneto, in 1757.

The aim of the exhibition is to make accesible the artistic and documentary heritage preserved in Possagno in the known Gypsotheca canoviana.

The Gypsotheca, or house of plaster casts, has been preserving plaster and terracotta models for 160 years, which were the prototype of works that are now preserved in the main museums of the world, moreover, here you can find documents that are not normally exhibited publicly, but thanks to digitization they are now available to the visitors.

Canova Experience in Bibione: how to reach the exhibition from Venice

If you are planning a stay in Venice there are many possibilities to reach Bibione, among these the most practical is a solution that includes the ticket for the motorboat and the bus and will allow you to leave easily from Piazza San Marco. This solution will be valid until September 15th! To discover all the bus lines available to reach Bibione go to the link: http://bit.ly/coach-bibione

Canova Experience in Bibione: what the exhibition offers

The exhibition is developed in the physical location and not only, in fact the ticket will give you the opportunity to access a series of documents and content available online, such as the virtual 3D tours thanks to which you can enjoy the details of the statues of the Gypsotheca.

In Bibione you will find touchscreens with insights on the history and secrets of Canova’s works, and interactive screens that will make you live a unique experience thanks to augmented reality. A last gem for true connoisseurs: on the site there is also a section dedicated to the Possagno document archive.

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